3 Essential Apps for Ethical Shopping

As I get older, I am becoming more and more aware of the toll we put on the environment, animals, and other people, so I try to make more mindful purchases when shopping for groceries and clothes. However, that can be difficult when reliable information is hard to find. Recently, I discovered 3 Android apps that have completely changed my shopping experience and helped me choose more ethical products. I hope they can do the same for you.

The following apps are not listed in any particular order.



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With Buycott, you can follow campaigns that you care about, like GMO, animal cruelty, fair trade, etc. Scan the barcode of a product, and information will come up. The app will tell you whether or not the brand/product is aligned with your cause. If not, it will suggest alternative products that are in tune with your campaigns.

You can search numerous campaigns and product and meet people who share similar concerns as you. This app helped me to realize that the countless products I used everyday were not as ethical as I had thought and has helped me to make better choices.

Ethical Barcode


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Ethical Barcode is a quick and simple way to check how ethical a product is. It tells you who manufactures the product and uses trusted ratings, certification, and news to assess the product. On the top-right hand corner, there is an overall percentage rating of the product. I really love how I can quickly turn on the app and scan the product to instantly know its ratings in areas like GMO, sustainability, animal cruelty, gender equality, etc. Simply open the app and scan!

Good on You

                   Apple                      Android

After watching The True Cost on Netflix, I was greatly concerned about the ethics of the fashion industry. Again, as a consumer, I did not know where to look to make mindful decisions. Luckily, I found the perfect app; Good on You is by far the best app for ethical shopping.


You can search brands to see their rating on environment, labor, and animal initiatives. I really love how transparent the app is about its ratings; for each brand, they have a short synopsis to briefly inform people about how the brand was rated. If a brand does not score  very well, the app will suggest similar brands as an alternative.

The app also has articles and special offers pertinent to ethical fashion, which are posted a couple times per week. It’s a great way for to stay informed and involved about the progress of fashion.


I am always trying to learn more about the products that I bring into my life and all 3 apps have made a huge difference in the way I shop. Check them out and see for yourself!

If you would like to give a suggestion or tip, please leave a comment below. 


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