Quebec City 2016

This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Quebec, Canada before the school year started. Quebec City was so magnificent. I think I fell in love!

Uptown Quebec City.

Chateau Frontenac next to the St. Lawrence River

The view from the Funicular

The street leading up to the funicular is so cute.

Downtown Quebec City is such a quaint little area filled with shops and cafes. I love walking down the street with the cheerful crowd of tourists and Quebecois, alike.

Ahhh! The Quebec flag!

The road was empty, so I quickly took this photo.

My absolute favorite part of the trip was eating poutine! It really is a must-have. I was in this cute little restaurant with a gorgeous view of the street.

This the little square outside of one of the churches in downtown Quebec City.

I saved the best for last. I just love looking at the art displays as I’m walking along, and this was my favorite!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Quebec City. If I had a chance to go there again, I would return in a heartbeat.


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